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Welcome to Julene’s Hair Petals
January 29, 2021 at 5:00 AM
This is a photo of a wig from Julene's Hair Petals.

When it comes to looking and feeling good, hair plays a major part. Julene’s Hair Petals is a Jamaica, NY based luxury hair and wig studio that allows our clients to customize their look at affordable prices. Hair trends may come and go, but quality and affordability never go out of style. That’s why we focus on creating looks that work with who you are, your lifestyle and your personality.

Our Luxury Wigs and Hair Extensions

Our beautiful wigs come in many types of textures, colors, and customization options. Our owner, Julene is passionate about her creations and ensures each wig is created with the highest standards in mind. We use high-quality materials and 100% authentic human hair for our wigs and we are your one-stop-shop for wigs, hair extensions, hairpieces, and other hair accessories.

Whether you’re looking for pre-made wigs or extensions, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Wigs and Hair Extensions

If you have a specific vision of the wig or extensions you need, Julene’s Hair Petals would be happy to create a custom design for you. First we will create a lace base with a premeasured band that fits perfectly to your head. Then we will sew the hair of your choice onto it. You choose the color, density and length!

Get in touch with us for a consultation and we will do our best to make your vision come to life. We are happy to make recommendations on what will work best for you – whether your custom wig or extensions is for everyday wear or special occasions.

About Our Location

Julene’s Hair Petals is located in the vibrant community of Jamaica, NY. Jamaica Avenue is Jamaica's busiest thoroughfare and a major commercial center. We love serving the people of our community and many of our clients are from the neighborhood.

About Julene

A creative and passionate businesswoman, Julene started Julene’s Hair Petals to allow women to look and feel beautiful through the medium of luxury wigs. With years of experience creating wigs and hair extensions, she brings her experience and enthusiasm to every customer she serves.

Why Choose Julene’s Hair Petals?

Our unwavering commitment to quality means that we use high-quality, 100% human hair for our products. There are a few benefits to using real human hair versus artificial hair. From looking and feeling incredibly natural, human hair also lasts longer than artificial hair when cared for properly. Many human hair wigs can be styled and colored to match the exact color you have in mind. Our wigs are made from 100% virgin human hair, meaning that the hair has not been altered in any way. It’s up to the client to decide whether they want to keep the wig as is, or we are happy to dye it for them.

Though human hair wigs do require a little more maintenance than artificial hair, we think they are well worth it!

Our outstanding customer service means that we strive for the happiness and satisfaction of our clients. If your wig or hair extensions doesn’t completely satisfy you, we will do everything in our power to ensure a happy outcome. Get in touch with us and get your wig – you won’t regret it.